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  • 5 Effective Ways to Find Out New Ideas for Jewelry Design

    Generating new ideas for ShineOn jewelry is not always easy. Dog Tag to Heart Pendant or for a message card idea you always have to find out a new message or quote that sells. This blog post is going to help you come up with new great ideas.
  • Product Templates That Will Blow Your Mind


    We ran a template creation competition last week on our ShineOn Graphic Design Facebook group. 

    We have got a lot of creative design submissions from designers around the world. Thank you very much everyone for posting your creative template designs. 

  • Remarketing Vs. Retargeting

    We spend a lot of money and time getting customers to come and visit our products. Unfortunately, not all of them convert, but that doesn’t mean they are lost. Using the data you have, you can market directly to them to get them back and convert. This saves on your cost per conversion since it is generally cheaper to get someone back rather than get someone new.
  • ShineOn - Conversion Rate Optimization

    Let’s be honest, most of you are great at marketing and delivering traffic to your products. Once you find a successful method, you ramp it up and send ever-increasing traffic to get more conversions. However there are other methods to get more conversions out of your traffic, but they can be harder to find and optimize.